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If I remember right, 1996-97 was when we added football, so we cheered for two seasons, not just for basketball. Notice this stunt, "pony-sits." They're in the next picture too. They're cool, they're not "gay," anyone at Boyer Valley who thinks they are has a dirty mind, so get over it.

The girl in the middle with the poms is Jerry. She was awesome. Eventually in high school, she wanted to try basketball and volleyball and got bored with cheer, which was hard for me because she was such an outstanding cheerleader. Perfect jumps, sharp, accurate technique, rich, medium-low pitched voice... She's a Senior in pre-med at UC San Diego and spread way too thin with jobs including life guard & pool manager. I prayed for her a lot all through 7-12. (We had what they called "Shepherding Teams," kind of like "Jammers" at Boyer Valley) Consequently, I'd have adopted that kid if I could've.
external image 97-98_LHS_JrHi.jpg
And 1997-98: Notice the tiny lion doll on the poms, I'm not sure who's idea that was, but it shows you how "girly" this group was. This was our football field with the softball diamond behind them. Nice mountains, huh? Angeles National Forest up there, brush fires, mud slides, on rare occasion even a trace of snow. Beautiful green in Spring and pretty draped in fog.

Anyway, the girl on the bottom right is Heather, my goddaughter. She's a Photography major at Cal State, Northridge (CSUN). She went on to cheer all through high school for me and took drawing and should've but didn't end up being yearbook editor. She was a hardcore 'A' student and a major hard worker/leader when it came to student council, even though Jerry and Jill (just behind and to Heather's left) were the two who always ran for the big offices. Heather really taught me a lot and I'll always appreciate her for that and I couldn't be more proud of her.