Cheer-Anyway.jpgThere's a famous poem on a hospital wall in Calcutta, India called "Love Anyway," which may believe was by Mother Thereasa since it was the hospital she ran.She actually got it from Harvard Professor Kent M. Keith. The poem has inspired millions of people to charity, and altruism and helped them stay true to their principles. Here is my humble adaptation for cheerleading-

Athletes are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
Cheer for them anyway.

If you perform jumps, kicks and stunts well, people will accuse you of showing off.
Jump, kick and stunt anyway.

Since you have confidence and poise, people will think you're "popular," so you'll win false friends and true enemies.
Be confident anyway

High School is really just a blip in the course of your whole lifetime, this Friday's pep rally will be forgotten on Saturday.
Cheer your best anyway.

Sportsmanship and character may get you made fun of.
Set an good example anyway.

Players on ball teams get in the newspaper and their jerseys sell for the most at the Booster Club auction, and some kids roll their eyes when you try to get them to cheer.
Cheer anyway

Boys may either think of you as mere eye-candy or judge you for not looking perfect.
Cheer anyway

Little girls may drive you crazy trying to imitate you
Cheer anyway

Coaches, teachers, administrators and parents may hold you to impossibly high standards
Cheer anyway

Give the school & community the best you have and it won't be good enough.
Cheer your best anyway.