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  • Mascoting 101- A presentation Coach Mallory did with Boyer Valley's first "Cujo," Ken Kahl at the 2001 Spring Iowa Cheer Coach's Association Conference. Think of it as kind of a "Mascot Handbook." Please at least look at page 16 "Performing," and maybe page 10 "Health & Safety."
  • Mascot Game Evaluation Forms- These are "critique sheets" I developed based on the Cheer Squad Eval forms, modified for mascots.
  • Mascot Skit Ideas- Great article from the National Cheerleader's Association (NCA), on's Website.
  • NCA Mascot Spirit Book- In 2001, our first "Cujo" attended a National Cheerleading Association camp for mascots before going on to become "Spike" (another bulldog) for Concordia University in Nebraska. He gave me the Spirit Book they used at the camp. Frankly, this will probably be a better "handbook" for you guys than the one Ken & I put together for the ICCA. Give it a look. Maybe it will inspire your creativity. (I looked but found no copyright warnings, that's why I don't have a problem posting it here. It's use is for education purposes only, I make no profit from it, and if anyone from NCA would like me to remove it, send me an email, I'll be happy to take it down)
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