Alternates- The BVCS Cheer Squad may or may not have alternates depending on the talent level at tryouts. All alternates are required to attend all practices and other events with the team. Alternates will only perform in uniform if another squad member is absent (due to Illness, injury, academic eligibility or family function) or if asked by the coach.

If uniforms are available, the coach may decide to have the best performing alternates perform at home football games and/or pep-rallies during football season, but only full-time squad members will perform at away football games and at all basketball games.

At the coach's discretion, an alternate may be asked to take over a position of a team member if their skill level is higher than the current holder and the current team member is not able to perform their duties as a Cheerleader and is not progressing in their cheerleading abilities.

Alternates who perform well and attend practices regularly will be given special consideration at tryouts; this may include receiving up to but no more than 10 extra points added to their lowest judges' score or waiver of one of the three faculty recommendation forms.