Updated May 2004
Boyer Valley Community School District
Position: Coach
Department: Cheerleading
Certified Professional

Position Title: Varsity Cheerleading
Assignment Level: Certified Professional
Direct Supervisor: Athletic Director: Secondary Principal

1. Experience in Cheerleading area, employee of the Boyer Valley Community School
2. Ability to maintain confidentially

Essential Functions:

General Responsibilities:

1. Consult with the administration to develop and establish individual responsibilities within the particular activity.
2. Assist the administration in the development and implementation of policies and practices to improve the total activity program of the school.
3. Consult with the Activities Director/Principal concerning the use of facilities.
4. Promote the extra-curricular and academic programs of the Boyer Valley Community Schools.
5. Assume other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the administration.
6. Conscientiously, consistently and vigorously enforce all general rules of the Boyer Valley Community School.
7. Recommend to the Principal needed purchases for the activity.
8. Be responsible for the activities of their class/club/team. Example: Beginning of the year meeting, Junior Football Concession Stand, Junior Prom, fundraisers, Senior announcements, caps and gowns and graduation activities, Homecoming class activities.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Spirit squads should under the direction of a knowledgeable coach.
2. Coaches must remain up-to-date on all new techniques, progressions and safety regulations by attending conferences, clinics and rules meetings. The coach should also belong to appropriate professional spirit organizations.
3. NFHS, ICCA, & Boyer Valley rules and eligibility requirements shared with every squad member.
4. The coach or other school approved adult representative should be in attendance and accessible at all practices, games, performances, competitions and other spirit activities. (2 Hrs, once a week for Football, 4 Hrs, 2-3 times a week for Basketball)
5. The coach must establish a good line of communication with school administrators, athletic director, coaches and the band director.
6. Direct or supervise 2-4 practices a week, 90min-2 Hrs each
7. Coaches must recognize a squad’s particular ability level and limit its activities accordingly. ‘Ability level” refers to the squad’s talents as a whole, and to individuals who should not be pressed to perform specific activities nor be limited by the ability level of the squad.
8. Coaches and participants should be trained in proper spotting techniques.
9. Proper progression, spotting techniques and matting must be used until stunts are mastered.
10. The coach must approve all cheers, chants, posters, signs, music, etc., and ensure good sportsmanship. All squad activities must be approved by the coach.
11. The coach must inform the squad that all new skills must first be reviewed and approved by the coach prior to performing them.
12. Coaches must be aware of how the demands placed on a spirit team member might impact the student athlete’s academic achievement.

Suggested Responsibilities:

  1. 1-4 Day summer camp
  2. 1 Day Morningside College clinic
  3. 1 Day free ICCA clinic
  4. 2 ½ Track Meet concessions
  5. Driving spirit squad to away football games (30-90 minutes)
  6. Tryout practices & evaluation for cheerleaders (2-4 days, 90 minutes each)
  7. Tryout practices & evaluation for Mascot (2-4 days, 90 minutes each)
  8. Coaching Middle School Cheerleading, contingent upon additional stipend