Yell Starters:
· 5-6-7-8
· Bulldigs, Hit IT!
· All Set, You Bet
· All here, Let's Cheer
· Ready, Hit it!
· Ready, Okay!

I feel like the best way to start a chant is just to start it. If the squad yells the chant at least 3 times through, then one cheerleader will have yelled it 4 times because they start it alone and the rest follow the next time through.

Whatever you use, try not to use the same starting signal for all chants.

A short, snappy signal gives the crowd a cue that you're about to start and lets everyone start on the same beat.

Endings are just as important. Cheerleaders should really hammer the last syllabal of the last word of the last round. "A-TT-A-CK, Attack, attack, ATTACK!" Chants should end abruptly with a jump, kick, or freeze, so that the crowd can hear a little of the echo as they stop yelling.