Summer it the perfect time to learn and/or practice your jumps. I'd really like to see us have more jumping- right after a chant, when they call player's names on the roster before a game, right after the fite-song dance, whenever we score or make a great play... jumping is for the crowd's eyes what shouting is for their ears- it raises the energy level. And it's FUN!

Scroll down to some videos of proper jump technique to help you learn.

Jump-practice ideas:
  • On a trampoline
  • Underwater in a pool
  • Off the side or board INTO a pool
  • Maybe even try them with ankle-weights on (just not into a pool with ankle-weights on).

MSboysBB 013.jpg
  • Straight Jump
  • Banana
  • ‘C’ Jump
  • Tuck
  • Eagle
  • Reindeer “double hook”
  • Russian
  • Side/Front Hurdler
  • Herkie
  • Split
  • Double nine
  • Toe-touch
  • Pike

Preps for Jumps

The "Herkie"

Tuck & Spread-Eagle

Toe-touch, Front Hurdler, and Pike

Toe-touch and Front Hurdler from a different teacher

Exercises and strength-training to improve jumps

Watch this to learn how to do a great toe-touch