Boyer Valley HS Cheerleading
Tryout Practice TUE&WED May 16&17
Tryout FRI May 19

Teacher Recommendation Sheets
& Parental Permission Forms
due by/before Friday, May 12

Composite score consists of
1) Average Teacher Recommendation Scores
2) Grade Point Average as a percentage (3.5/4.0=88%)
3) Average Judges Score on Tryout Performance

The top scores will be selected for next year’s squad.
Candidates must score a minimum of 60 to be considered.
Final selection is at the discretion of the coach, based on skills,
potential, ability to work well with others, coachability,

and how well each candidate represents Boyer Valley.
Please see Coach Mallory in Room 219 paperwork or print your own by following the links below.

There are 3 numbers used to help select cheerleaders;
1) Average of 3 Teacher Recommendation Forms
2) Cheer candidate's GPA, divided by 4 to make a percentage
3) Average judges' score at an actual tryout.

  • Please read the Tryout Outline to see what to expect.
Ultimately, the final selection is at the discretion of the coach. IHSAA, IGHSAU, and ICCA rules all permit only 6 cheerleaders and one mascot on the court.

Candidates won't be permitted to tryout or to cheer without turning in the following:
  • Parent-Release Form - Must have to be able to try out, due May 12
    Signing this form indicates that you have also read and accept the cheer constitution/rules, the inherent risk waiver, tryout outline & score explanation.
  • Boyer Valley's Cheerleading Constitution- Please read; includes lettering policy
  • Inherent Risk Waiver- Necessary before Summer "boot camp" & practices next fall
  • 3 Teacher Recommendation Forms- Due by/before May 12
  • PE/Athletics Physical Exam Form- Not necessary to try out, but required before being permitted to practice or perform next fall
  • Concussion Form (available in school office)